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Michael's Favorites
Band :: The Jesus and Mary Chain
Album :: Neutral Milk Hotel's In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Color :: Orange
Movie :: Shakes The Clown
Letter :: g
Password :: 534m6UgaeRCeyFYcFn
Quick Pick # :: 5-19-34-55-59 / 37
Latitude :: 2.66477
Longitude :: -61.86629
Wikipedia page :: Nesvady
Rock, Paper, Scissors :: Spock

Blood type :: O+
Heart rate :: 83bpm
Cholesterol :: 5.5mmol/l
License plate tabs :: April
Vehicle :: 1994 Honda Accord
Mountain bike :: Pro-Flex 757
Vision :: -8.5/-3 and 9.25/-3

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The Type Fetish
The Type Fetish is the digital type design studio of me, Michael Wallner, located in St. Paul, MN. It was started in 1997, while I was attending the College of Visual Arts, as an outlet for my interest in making typefaces for my school projects. In 2002 I began to sell my work through where I continue to this day.

Over time my interests have grown from the destructed faces of Universally Corrupt and Broken Vows to a cleaner, more sophisticated Brogue and Grimm. I am currently working on my first text weight typeface that I hope to have ready sometime in 2011.

Type Fetish logo
The typeface Brogue was used in the Type Fetish logo.