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Commercial EULA

Freeware EULA

Type Fetish End Users Licence Agreement (EULA) for Commercial Fonts

version 2.0, April 2010

By downloading and/or installing any of the Type Fetish fonts, you are agreeing to the following terms. If you do not or can not agree to the terms please do not purchase the font.

You are only purchasing a license to use the font, not the copyright to the font design or code within the font. The Type Fetish will retain all rights to the font.

Within the same business or organization you may install the font on up to 5 CPU's or the number of users on the applicable receipt whichever is greater. You will not distribute the font to anyone outside of your business or organization.

You may make a copy of the font for back up purposes or archive it with any project that will require it in the future. You may include the font with files handed over to a service bureau, if the file requires it. However this does not include any projects that would repackage, sell or distribute the font.

You may embed the font into documents or files as long as you do it in a manner that will prevent the font from being extracted.

You will do your best to protect the font from being uploaded to the internet or any file sharing application, network or organization where it can be freely and easily downloaded by those who do not have a license for it.

You may modify the glyphs in the font to fit your needs, but the font is still owned by the Type Fetish. The new font is still covered under this EULA and the copyright held by the Type Fetish. The Type Fetish can not be held responsible for any issues the newly generated font may cause.

Please, use your common sense. This EULA is really to prevent people from stealing my fonts and/or profiting from them. I have faith that you will take the appropriate measures to protect my work, business and income.

Thank you
Michael Wallner